Mines View Park, Baguio City

Mines View Park is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio in the Philippines. It is five kilometers away from the Heart of Baguio, passing through the Botanical Garden, the Mansion House, and the Pacdal Circle.

When we arrived in Mines View Park after a long travel with our van, we decided to eat near the park. The bulalo was very delicious which is good for cold weather since it is hot, it costs 360php good for 2-4 people already. With an overlooking place and delicious food, perfect for your vacation.

Inside the Mines View Park, we saw tourists wearing ifugao clothes, which brought our attention and have one too. One set of clothes is cost only 25php, then you can take a picture as many as you can on the park. These kind of experience is awesome to wear an ifugao clothes while taking pictures, these experience will let you appreciate the culture and their lifestyle.

There are also people who used animals for business, we saw a baby st. bernard dog in Mines View Park however you need to pay 25php/picture. The dog was very friendly and big not knowing that it still a baby.

Douglas or Doglas Baguio is the most famous dog in Baguio City. He is a 6 year old St. Bernard and is probably the largest dog in town. He is the local celebrity in this parts where even stars like Manny Pacquiao stopped by Doglas’ spot in Mines View Park to have his picture taken with him.

St. Bernard dogs are a breed of giant dogs that originated from the Italian and Swiss Alps. I remember watching cartoons and documentaries years back where these dogs are featured in rescue missions in the ice covered mountains of Europe as they search and ration stranded travelers with whiskey or chocolates (to provide warmth) which are placed in small barrels strapped in their necks.

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