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Brian Abarquez

I am Brian Abarquez, 23 years old, I just recently travel different places here in the Philippines after I met my girl Ivy Morilla. We traveled different place if we do have extra time, aside from travelling we do have a full time job which is a consultant in GoDaddy.

Whenever I go to a beautiful places, we always capture our moment and the beauty of nature. I feel like a real photographer if ever I captured a very astonishing view of the place. Sometimes we see the beauty of the places with the moments and experience that we made and that’s worth to keep and share with you.

Ivy Joy Morilla

Hi. This is Ivy and I’m going to share you one part of me. I’m 22 years old who came from a small province where my life is going on the four corners of my room. I never go on a travel. Travelling is something that I always dreamed about since I love to take pictures. Capturing great moments and places makes me happy. Because of Brian, one part my dream became real. We’ve been to different places, and we always make sure that every place we visit will mark our hearts.

I hope you will enjoy reading our blogs. We’ll share tips also on how you can have an affordable trip but still will make your travel worth it.

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